Episode #6

Low Carb and Health Products

Skinny Water

There are many products on the market that promise a lot but actually deliver very little, and I’m tempted to think that skinny water is another one of those. But obviously that’s just my opinion.

So in this episode we take time to look at just what the benefits are from drinking skinny water — if any — and the conclusion might be a surprise for many of you.

Do I need to count calories?

Many people on a low carb diet the thought of counting calories fills them with horror. It is a law, and underwritten tenant that counting calories on a low carb diet is an absolute no-no. But is that the truth — are there certain circumstances in which we need to take note of how many calories were actually consuming. Once again our truthful answer may not be the one you’re expecting.

Can low carb remove the curse of diabetes ?

The way that diabetes is currently treated as never seemed to be very satisfactory. Many people who start out with quite mild symptoms and “dietary controls” still seem to follow the same downward spiral as they get older.

Could it be that existing ways of treating diabetes are actually failing people in their endeavours to be rid of the problem. And can a low carb diet really help?

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