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Nov 12, 2008

Episode #2 Dropping the Fat

Low carb Smells

Low carb diets have the reputation of giving people bad breath and other not so nice bodily odours. In this program we see that this does not have to be the case and that there are ways of making sure we don’t cause offence to those within sniffing distance.

Body Mass Index

There is a lot of confusion within the dietary world about body mass index. Some folk swear by it while others dismiss it out of hand – but just what is the truth?

“Is Body Mass Index important” Get the answer here.

Useful information from the diabetic community

Low carbers don’t have exclusive use of the low carb diet .Other can people use it too! There is one group of people, the diabetes community, that do use it even if they are not aware of the fact and as a result have built up a wealth of useful knowledge as well as some tasty recipes we can all use.

I reveal all in our healthy click feature.

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If you have a Burning Question you want answered, just drop me a line to bq@droppingthefat.com.
and if your question is answered on the show you not only have your answer but you will also get six months free access to Low Carb Monthly.

In each episode we also have an unusual look at a web resource that is of real use to dieters – especially those following a controlled carb diet. So, if you have a web resource you would like to recommend drop me a line at weblist@droppingthefat.com.

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A transcript of this episode is available here

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